Special Session: Vulture conservation in the 21st century: What will it take to save Africa's vultures?

Challenges, opportunities and successful interventions relating to the conservation of Africa's vulture species will be presented focussing on both the ecological and social perspective, with a facilitated discussion ensuring further direct conservation intervention.

Vulture conservation has undergone a number of changes in the preceding decades. Populations are still declining under a continued threat from a myriad of anthropogenic factors, conservation resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and vultures are competing for conservation space with other iconic species, all this despite an increase in the understanding of many of the species' biological requirements. Various conservation actions, including the adoption of the Multi-Species Action Plan for Vultures, the establishment of a national Vulture Working Group in South Africa, and an ever-increasing flow of data, are all aimed at stemming this decline. The plight of Africa's vultures does, however, rely on successful partnerships and this session is aimed at bringing together the various role-players to forge a common understanding and focus.

This session will present perspectives from conservation agencies, conservation NGO's and researchers on the current status of vultures within Africa, the challenges facing the species and the interventions identified to stem the decline. Presentations will be followed by a facilitated discussion on the solutions and way forward.

Open session - researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit relevant presentations for inclusion in this session and where similar threats to other species have been successfully mitigated. Participation in the session during the Symposium is open to all. Submissions that cannot be incorporated into the session by the convener will be considered for general sessions in the remainder of the programme.

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