Special Session: Innovative technology and data management practices for conservation

The conservation sector can benefit from implementing applied technology and novel practices to augment conservation efforts. Concepts and case studies on innovation and data management will be presented by conservation agencies and the private sector, leading into a facilitated discussion and knowledge exchange.

The conservation sector is adapting to technological and conceptual innovations to improve conservation practice and outcomes. It follows logically that these innovations require improved, integrated and expanded data management strategies and protocols. This session aims to address:

  1. constraints and opportunities with current data collection and management methods
  2. emerging and maturing technological advances (from drones to multispectral image analysis, to deep-learning neural networks) that could be feasibly deployed to augment biodiversity conservation in the South African context
  3. recommended data management protocols to maintain the integrity of the resultant data generated, make it accessible to our partners and target our conservation efforts in the landscape.

Following the presentations from conservation agencies and the private sector, a facilitated discussion will allow the audience to share their respective ideas, experiences and knowledge, initiating a discussion about the way we collect, store, manage, access and share our data streams.

Open session: researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit relevant presentations for inclusion in this session. Participation in the session during the Symposium is open to all. Submissions that cannot be incorporated into the session by the convener will be considered for general sessions in the remainder of the programme.

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