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Focal Areas of The Conservation Symposium

Each Symposium will focus on specific contemporary issues, but the broad focal areas are:

  • Protected area management effectiveness
  • Management of protected areas and buffer zones
  • Transboundary conservation
  • Conserving in the face of global change
  • Understanding and managing ecological and evolutionary processes
  • Threatened species conservation
  • Conservation genetics
  • Advances in monitoring and surveillance
  • Mitigating threats to biodiversity - wildlife crime and invasive alien species
  • Biodiversity economy, ecosystem goods and services, and resource economics
  • Land-use and conservation planning
  • Securing critical biodiversity areas
  • Co-management of protected areas and biodiversity
  • Integration of cultural heritage and biodiversity management
  • Effective communication
  • Legal, policy and ethical issues
  • Implementation of biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements
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